Sunray Venus Clams



Sunray Venus LLC is the first commercial facility producing SRV seed from hatchery through grow-out since 2008.


Grow Out                 
Our grow-out facilities are being developed around the state to assure we have consistent supply for our customers.


SV LLC has been supplying the highest quality quahog seed to growers across the state for 22 years.  Our staff has years of experience developing and perfecting bivalve hatchery protocols for numerous species. 

In the hatchery stage we use environmental manipulation to spawn mature broodstock Sunray Venus Clams.  We care for the resulting larvae through settlement, at which point we have millions of small clams (<1mm!).

SV LLC is a pioneer in the bivalve industry.  Since 2005, we have paired with multiple universities, state, and local entities with spawning the Eastern Oyster (Crassotrea virginica) for restoration and research purposes. We are also the first to successfuly conduct a breeding program which resulted in the superior hybrid Northern/Southern Quahog (Mercenaria mercenaria X Mercenaria camphichiensis). In the warm waters of Florida, our hybrids grow faster, have higher survival, and are more stress tolerant than the Northern Quahog.
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