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Sunray Venus, LLC

New York Mart Group, Inc. was established nearly 15 years ago. Currently, the company has a total of more than fifteen supermarkets in New York, Boston, Florida, Maryland and other densely populated cities nationwide, providing fresh produce, daily necessities, maternal and child health products.

The company has more than 1000 employees serving over ten thousand customers every day. Annual sales per square foot is over $1000. We also specializing in food imports and wholesale. We have over 2,000 containers shipped from Asia and distribute them to more than 20 states in United States and eastern part of Canada.

After these years' success in operation and expansion in the nation-wide market, our company are now one of the major oriental food importers. We also built a sophisticated supply network with hundreds well-known Chinese and American vendors.

Our Group continues to expand over the past two decades in the highly competitive US supermarket industry and now we become the largest Chinese supermarket chain in the east coast.  Mr. Deng formed Sunray Venus, LLC as a vehicle to the development of aquaculture.

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