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Sunray Venus, LLC is a Florida based aquaculture company established on June of 2016 that specializes in production of bi-valves seeds, bi-valve farming, seafood distribution, and the export of seafood throughout the United States. SV, LLC purchased Research Aquaculture, Inc. including facilities and personnel developing bi-valves since 1995.

The company will supply its parent firm, New York Mart Group, Inc
. Additionally, our company will supply other aquaculture companies, seafood distributors, and restaurant in the market, such as iFresh Inc.,the first public-listed Chinese/Asian supermarket chain in the U.S.

The Sunray Venus Clam is native to Florida whose beautiful shell, when cooked, turns pink just as they reach their most delicious state. The company is currently working on building a series of facilities including hatchery, nursery, growing-out site, wet storage and processing facilities for bi-valves production and farming. The main bi-valve species for the project is Sunray Venus Clam.
What Benefits We Can Bring?

ENVIRONMENTAL: The planting of bi-valves can help clarify the water by siphoning solids and debris which are bound together helping to improve water quality within the local water body. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Aquaculture view bi-valve aquaculture as "Low Impact" to the local waters, as the water leaving our facilities are typically cleaner than the incoming water.

ECONOMY: All of our aquaculture facilities in Florida are located in smaller town/cities, with lower population, where economic challenges are magnified. We are expanding to build facilities including additional bi-valve hatchery, nursery, wet storage, and processing. With all the facilities, job creation, and business opportunities, our company will attribute to local economy growth.

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